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It’s time to get your life back on track and give your
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Transforming Lives

It is our aim to transform lives by offering hope through the services we offer. We also aim to provide opportunities for our patients to recover fully, get their lives back on track, and be independent and productive members of the family.

An Integrative
Psychiatric Center
We treat
& families

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Designed to get our patients better, our services make use of tested and proven methods and delivered with the utmost compassion.

The #1 Rated Depression Treatment Center In Cape Coral & Lee County.

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Medication Management

Ensuring the best outcomes for you through medication & supplements.


A proven, FDA approved,
non-drug and non-invasive treatment for severe depression.

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Share all the challenges in
your life with one of our professional providers.

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Psychiatric Evaluation

A comprehensive evaluation needed to plan your best care and treatment.

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Family Therapy

Rebuild the love and communication with your family.

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Genetic Testing

Get precise and personalized medication based on your DNA.


Child & Adolescents
Integrative Psychiatry

What Our Patients Say

Calvin Kurtz
Calvin Kurtz
July 8, 2021.
Very welcoming and polite staff. The Doctors truly seem to want to help. They offer Doctor visits via teleconference so that you don't have to leave your house during this pandemic in order to meet with your doctor. Plus, they always have fresh, free coffee!
Diane Schocke
Diane Schocke
July 5, 2021.
Guys I totaly recommend this. They were great. Dr Annet lister its the sweetest person ever we totally love her
Jeff Larrimore
Jeff Larrimore
July 5, 2021.
best experience thank you so much for caring about you're patients the way you guys do it. my personal experience was with Dr Annet Lister she was helping us with my uncle
Jazmine Larrimore
Jazmine Larrimore
July 5, 2021.
They are amazing. Dr Annet Lister was taking care of my grandma and we totally love her. She really show us a different way to care about patients. we are really thankful.
Business Alpha
Business Alpha
June 29, 2021.
My son had an accident almost a year ago in which he is now paralyzed. At that moment we both began to struggle with many emotions physically and mentally. My doctor and her staff at Community Behavioral Health stood by our side with every phone call along the way. It took us a while to find the perfect fit for both of us, but we found it. And right now, we both feel amazing. I am definitely a unique patient and Annet discovered me. I thank her and Community Behavioral Health for all they have done for my son and me. Mi hijo tuvo un accidente hace casi un año en el que ahora está paralizado. En ese momento ambos comenzamos a luchar con muchas emociones física y mentalmente. Mi doctora y su personal en Community Behavioral Health estuvieron a nuestro lado con cada llamada telefónica en el camino. Nos tomó un tiempo encontrar el ajuste perfecto para los dos, pero lo encontramos. Y ahora mismo, ambos nos sentimos increíbles. Definitivamente soy un paciente único y Annet me descubrió. Le agradezco a ella y a Community Behavioral Health por todo lo que han hecho por mi hijo y por mí.
Amanda Mcginnis
Amanda Mcginnis
June 11, 2021.
I absolutely love this place!! Everyone is so nice and helpful. Mrs.Annet is amazing!!! I've never had someone care so much about my mental health before like she does. I wouldn't go anywhere else and I recommend this place to anyone that needs help.
William Keyte
William Keyte
June 8, 2021.
Annet Lister is amazing! Wonderful experience, you can tell that she truly cares about her patients.
Anais Perez
Anais Perez
June 7, 2021.
Excellent office, always willing to help, and my Doctor Annet Lister more that excellent, always listen to you and make you feel confident with her. I’m extremely happy with Dr Annet because she makes me feel how I was. Thank you Dr.
Las Colonias
Las Colonias
May 28, 2021.
She is very professional. She is endowed with an excellent charisma to work with patients with mental health problems. She knows how to get exactly at their problem and solve it not only medically but with sweetness and charisma and constant follow-up. She is an outstanding Dr. I highly recommend DR. Annette Lister Perez.
Marlene Silva
Marlene Silva
May 27, 2021.
Soy la administradora del ALf Rosario assisted living facility y tbm de Las Villas ALF y trabajo con la dr Anne atenta respetusa siempre presente cuando la necesitamos los residentes familiares y yo gracias dr Anne por tu dedicación

Our Providers

Our professionals genuinely care about you and your wellness. Through the combination of unmatched expertise and utmost compassion, we ensure you get the help you need today.

Dr. Damayo


Miguel Diaz


Gabriel Rivera Torres


Lisa Mann


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Annet Lister


Kimberly Rogers


Leticia Salazar


We Are Now Accepting New Patients

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A True Devotion To Healing

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